Preparing for a Boot Camp

How to prepare for boot camp?

A boot camp is an aggressive and rigorous physical fitness campaign that includes a fun share of adventure, staying out, achieving new heights of fitness goals and learning a host of other such things that normally we don’t get to experience or explore in our daily lives.

While preparing for a boot camp you should start by mentally preparing for and expecting to face things like:

  • Falling sick
  • Home sickness
  • Friends and enemies
  • Longer days and shorter nights
  • Stress
  • Mistakes and failures
  • Deployment

What to do to prepare for boot camp?

Boot camps teach you the hard ways of life and so it is obvious to face difficulties. A lot of things can be learnt if only we practically face the situation ourselves. There are other things that can be found out prior and improved with time. There are still other things that need to be seriously focused upon, understood, and practiced.

Things do differ with the kind of camp one gets into. A very general list would have the following:

  • Get in shape
  • Exercise
  • Work to improve on your stamina, strength and power
  • Understand, study and if required memorize the few essentials that you are told about by your recruiter in the beginning. These could be the area, rules, code of conduct, the forthcoming schedule and other such things
  • Be alert
  • Be positive…no matter what!
  • Things like power failure, hunger, thirst, sleep, mosquitoes, and most other such things should not bother you
  • You could practice standing for hours; it would only help.
  • Speak to the people who have attended the boot camp earlier
  • Find out as much you can about the program in advance especially about what things you can/cannot carry during the schedule
  • Carry enough change as washing may not always be possible
  • Groom yourself prior, short haircut is a fair tip here.
  • Carry minimal stationary; if allowed
  • Most importantly, NEVER GIVE UP!

Prepare for boot camp e-book

Are you wondering as to why you need to prepare for boot camp e-book? The answer is simple. We need to know the unknown that causes stress that in turn leads to a person’s failure.

This preparation is going to help one navigate on a peripheral mode as to what a boot camp is all about and what things could probably expected in such a program. It kind of pre-lights those corners which somehow if known prior can be faced or dealt with in a better way.

A good e-book prepares an individual mentally, physically and academically. At least it highlights what the provisions should be in these three heads.

The ultimate objective or purpose of a boot camp is to graduate. E-book is a simple step or rather a strategic move in that endeavour.

Do choose to go for boot camp once in your lives…but make sure your prepare yourself!

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