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CCNA Boot Camp

CCNA boot camp

CCNA is a Cisco network certification course. It stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate. A CCNA certification enables an individual to at two levels. Firstly, it helps one to prepare for and pursue other certification courses arranged by Cisco. Secondly, it certifies an individual to install, configure and operate a range of network protocols namely: LAN, WAN, dial access services, IP, PPP, HDLC, FRAME RELAY, WLAN, VLAN and ACCESS-LIST configuration.

An International certification program is something that any IT professional looks forward to. The present scenario in the industry today at a certain level; quite kind of makes it compulsive for a professional to achieve a global recognition. Besides since this course comes as a program verified and approved by the technology creator, it nevertheless ensures that the individual does have a sound understanding and in-depth knowledge in the subject. CCNA is as such the first step in that endeavour.

CCNA boot camp UK

UK is one of the potential hubs for a CCNA certification. There are a range of institutes, training centers and companies that offer(some in the form of a boot camp) the certifications along with a host of other networking certification courses.

Interestingly; most of these institutes hold the training and certification courses at varying degrees of time span depending upon the professional’s time and at times requirement. As such you could attend, prepare and sit for the exam within a week or weekends or other such periods of time depending upon your routine.

Also, the course pattern, study materials, and group of instructors will vary and so you need to check with few things on that. To begin with, an adequate supply of equipment is imperative. Lab experience coupled with in-depth theory inputs is needless to mention. In short an adequate sync of the following three are important for the induction of CCNA certification:

  • Pre Class activity
  • Classroom instruction
  • Post class lab practice

Most camps offer the following:

  • An exam voucher included in the cost of the class
  • Remote lab access
  • Experiment after class
  • Video training on CD’s
  • Self testing software
  • Books and class time

On the successful completion of a CCNA boot camp training an individual is certified to select, connect, configure, and troubleshoot various Cisco networking devices. A common CCNA certification involves the orientation of the following:

  • Bridging/ Switching
  • OSI reference model and layered communications
  • Network protocols
  • Routing
  • WAN protocols
  • Network management
  • LAN Design
  • Cisco basics
  • IOS and network basics

CCNA certification is good at any point in your career. In fact if you have years of experience this certification would only put you on the edge as your knowledge would be globally recognized thereby providing a bigger unit of people to share and learn.

Games for Boot Camp

Boot camp games simply escalate ones energy and makes the whole fitness training program exciting. For a lot of people exercising as an activity is very boring. Games hence spices up the mood and thus makes being fit and in shape a lot easier; and mostly fun! Physical fitness then simply becomes something that people want to achieve rather then something that they have to achieve.

There could be a range of games that you could include in the fitness sessions. Tongue twisters, reciting nursery rhymes, memorizing capitals and a host of other such games depending on the age group can be listed and practiced. Sounds like great fun, isn’t it?

The idea of introducing games into boot camp slowly emerged as more and more people became aware of the importance of building and maintaining a healthy body and mind. Huge groups of people pour in every year into different clubs hoping to look and feel better months later.

Boot camp instructors who are in the profession for a while now feel that the inclusion of games is unparallel. At times it seems as if this is   the reason why most people flock into such training programs. These sessions give the people an opportunity to learn new ways of remaining fit and lead a healthy life, make new friends, build confidence and determination and have real fun.

Boot camp games online
Sounds crazy? But it’s happening! A large number of fitness crazy people now throng the cyber world beating the pins out of these online games. It works out ones determination unimaginably and helps one push his limits of capability.

There would be a whole range of games online that offer fitness under different schedule. Few are simple and can be worked out using only arrow keys. Alongside, there are games that really make you feel you are in the jungle, fixed, trapped, have no one to help you and HAVE to find your way out.

There is an equal share of games that are played as groups. It’s all the more exciting if you actually sit with friends or siblings and try and score over each other, or together find and reach a way out of difficult boxes.

Boot camp game ideas should be innovative. They should be designed keeping fitness and exercise in mind. It should be an effort to blend the two well so that the ultimate purpose is achieved positively and with a higher degree of enthusiasm.

Fitness boot camp games normally take one through schedules that are physically stressful but mentally encouraging. That somehow keeps the final equation balanced as these training programs do depend on ones mental ability.

I can see you now supercharged to hit a camp right away and have great fun; do well!

Helpful Steps to Follow before going to a Marine Boot Camp

Being a marine is like being one of the most respected people on this planet. But for earning the post of a marine and respect along with one has to prove himself. There are many people who want to become marines but when it comes to proving themselves most of them fail in the first round itself. All those who are serious about becoming a marine prepare themselves before going to a marine boot camp. You would have definitely heard a lot of marine boot camp stories and how tough it is but you can also have a clear view through a marine boot camp video. For most people a marine boot camp is one of the toughest atmospheres where surviving is quite difficult. In such situation those who go without practice can end up is something very nasty hence it is highly advised to prepare yourself physically and mentally before going to a marine boot camp. There are various steps that one must follow before going to a marine boot camp some of which include:

  • The first and foremost thing to do is to understand the drill inspectors. You should always remember that the drill inspectors are not there to hate you but there job is to find the best among a pack of people. If you want to prove it to them that you are one of the best in the pack then you will have to make it a habit of not giving up on anything in front of them.
  • Another very important point is to get in a fabulous shape before going to a marine boot camp. Marine boot camp is not a pleasant place to be as daily routine exercises or drills can take a toll on your body but if your body is already prepared then you will struggle less. Getting into shape or building some stamina can prove to be quite helpful for all those who want to become marines.
  • While visiting a marine boot camp mental toughness is as important as physical toughness and you should always have your mind in the right place. It is very important to think positively or optimistically. You should always try and find the positive side even if nothing is going as planned. You can only survive at the marine boot camp if you have the mental ability to challenge yourself.

You should always remember that when you are at the marine boot camp the odds will always be against you but one has to learn how to face challenges if he or she wants to become a marine.

Outdoor Boot Camp

Do the following questions stir up your mind?
How you look, how your figure is as per your age, how healthy and fit you are, and how balanced your lifestyle is?

Well, if your answer to these is yes, then read further.

Outdoor boot camp is one of the most enjoyable and fun ways of boot camping. Boot camp in that order is a power packed exercise regime that involves cardio and strength training. In other words, it is a full body workout that trains you in military style following obstacle courses.

Now it is important to understand and have few things in place if you are looking forward to a serious boot camp session.

Outdoor boot camp equipment

The most common equipments required for any session would be:

  • Exercise mats
  • A set of resistance bands

That apart a very common pick outdoors would be the following:

  • Playground equipments
  • Fence
  • Tree
  • Goal posts
  • Basketball pole
  • Basketball backstop
  • Bleachers
  • Tennis court

You could also choose to use a host of other equipments that are available in the market. Whatever you plan to use make sure it involves power and muscle strengthening exercises.

Outdoor boot camp routines
The key here is the word ‘obstacle’. However the regime is designed the following should be included precisely:

1. A workout program keeping each muscle group in mind.
2. Warm-up and cool-down segments designed proportionately and effectively.
3. Strength training exercises such as:

  • Running and/or jogging
  • Pushups
  • Jumping jacks
  • Planks
  • Sit-ups
  • Mountain climbers
  • Punches
  • Kicks
  • Triceps pushups
  • Squats
  • Dips
  • Sprints

There could be a few more options if it’s a group…it would possibly jive up the mood far more:

  • Tug of war
  • Races using sledges filled with sandbags
  • Designing routes have obstacles or challenges

If you are looking forward to an even more aggressive routine you could include the following as well:

  • Box Drill
  • Plank Walk
  • Walking Lunges
  • Boot strappers
  • Squat Thrusts
  • Exercises with Tubes/Medicine Balls, bands
  • Jump Ropes
  • 180 Squat Jumps
  • Bench Step Ups
  • Bench Dips
  • Hopscotch
  • Ski Jumps
  • Skaters
  • Running in a line passing medicine ball overhead where the person runs with ball to the front of the line.
  • Skipping
  • Bounding
  • Shuffle
  • Football drill (quick feet)
  • Hop on one foot
  • Compass Jumps
  • Balance Drills

Outdoor boot camp exercise ideas

The word outdoor explains that these workouts are arranged somewhere in the open. Common choices for instructors are public parks, beaches or routes used for hiking. Also, the spot chosen should allow conducting a range of muscle training activities.

Finally a neat tip here is to try and make the sessions creative and have a range of activities done alternately to keep the fun factor alive!

Preparing for a Boot Camp

How to prepare for boot camp?

A boot camp is an aggressive and rigorous physical fitness campaign that includes a fun share of adventure, staying out, achieving new heights of fitness goals and learning a host of other such things that normally we don’t get to experience or explore in our daily lives.

While preparing for a boot camp you should start by mentally preparing for and expecting to face things like:

  • Falling sick
  • Home sickness
  • Friends and enemies
  • Longer days and shorter nights
  • Stress
  • Mistakes and failures
  • Deployment

What to do to prepare for boot camp?

Boot camps teach you the hard ways of life and so it is obvious to face difficulties. A lot of things can be learnt if only we practically face the situation ourselves. There are other things that can be found out prior and improved with time. There are still other things that need to be seriously focused upon, understood, and practiced.

Things do differ with the kind of camp one gets into. A very general list would have the following:

  • Get in shape
  • Exercise
  • Work to improve on your stamina, strength and power
  • Understand, study and if required memorize the few essentials that you are told about by your recruiter in the beginning. These could be the area, rules, code of conduct, the forthcoming schedule and other such things
  • Be alert
  • Be positive…no matter what!
  • Things like power failure, hunger, thirst, sleep, mosquitoes, and most other such things should not bother you
  • You could practice standing for hours; it would only help.
  • Speak to the people who have attended the boot camp earlier
  • Find out as much you can about the program in advance especially about what things you can/cannot carry during the schedule
  • Carry enough change as washing may not always be possible
  • Groom yourself prior, short haircut is a fair tip here.
  • Carry minimal stationary; if allowed
  • Most importantly, NEVER GIVE UP!

Prepare for boot camp e-book

Are you wondering as to why you need to prepare for boot camp e-book? The answer is simple. We need to know the unknown that causes stress that in turn leads to a person’s failure.

This preparation is going to help one navigate on a peripheral mode as to what a boot camp is all about and what things could probably expected in such a program. It kind of pre-lights those corners which somehow if known prior can be faced or dealt with in a better way.

A good e-book prepares an individual mentally, physically and academically. At least it highlights what the provisions should be in these three heads.

The ultimate objective or purpose of a boot camp is to graduate. E-book is a simple step or rather a strategic move in that endeavour.

Do choose to go for boot camp once in your lives…but make sure your prepare yourself!

Summer Boot Camp

Summer boot camp

Boot camps are one of the best ways to stay in shape, have fun and adventure, improve ones social skills and learn about certain picks that just help phrase our lives a level higher.

A boot camp during summers is just in for you if you like exploring new ways in a fun way. But yes; it also comes with a lot of discipline, aggressive exercise sessions and a host of challenges to meet interned with obstacles and hurdles.

Boot camps are more like customized training centers that offer group oriented activities, recreational activities, adventurous programs, and physical fitness programs. Practical learning classes, outdoor field programs, sports, drills and such other activities form an important part of any boot camp.

Summer boot camp for boys

Boot camps today have been conceptualized in such a way that the ones attending the training program not only get to learn and whet their interests, but also get to shape their careers at an early age. This is possible because Boot Camps are now designed keeping all aspects of life in mind as per age.

For boys, who are lost, confused, have no ambition and don’t know what they want to do in life, but are packed with surmounting energy, an appropriate boot camp is perhaps all that they need.

Popular picks among boys as a summer boot camp would be the following:

  • Any outdoor camp that deals with sport activities
  • Camps that deal with trekking, hiking, mountain climbing
  • Camps that exclusively teach youngsters the hard ways of the jungle, islands, beaches and other such places

Military summer boot camp for boys

As the name suggests, military camps are structured and disciplined in appropriate military style. The camps, schedules, exercises, jargons used, uniform, activities, tasks, challenges and the whole environment is that of the military division. It is an excellent beginning for those intending or interested in the army as a choice of career.

The inmates are made to go through the rigorous schedule so they exactly know what lies ahead. For the others, it is a bottle opener about the real aspects in life. In other words, youngsters realize the importance of discipline and values and learn to respect and work hard in life.

Summer boot camp for girls

Earlier people had notions about camps set for girls to be different from that of boys. A few also felt that they were easier. If you are one of them, well it’s time for you to wake up!

Girls’ camps are no less than that of boys in terms of discipline, challenges or as a matter of fact…anything! Girl cadets seem to be equally competent and efficient.

There are organizers who arrange different camps for boys and girls. There are camps that co-educate girls and boys. These camps are normally huge groups of youngsters divided into smaller units and associated in group activities. Team work is the clue and they need to complete the training program ensuring optimum group effort.

Summer boot camp for adults

There are a host of clubs that arrange camps and are either privately owned or recognized by the government. Depending on your choice and physical fitness do try experiencing a boot camp of any kind. It would for sure unwind you completely.

Boot camps are as such small nooks of get away which are though tough to get through but seem like a crash course about the hard and difficult things in life!

Surviving a Boot Camp

Survive boot camp

The phrase above is a question for some, a statement for few, an expression for others, and an exclamation for a lot of us!

It may sound imaginary but gear up folks…surviving a boot camp is one of those chapters in life that can neither be solved easily nor can just be given up.

Let’s cut down our assumptions, stop being carried away by negative chunks of the mental crossroads and get real! Let’s face the hard fact and master it.

Ready? One two three; shoot!

How to survive boot camp

The following have to be understood, accepted and maintained for our welfare as long as we are in a boot camp:

  • Do not argue
  • Do not expect any form of comfort
  • Expect to work for hours without breaks
  • No sleep
  • All work to be done your self
  • Be punctual and responsible
  • Mummy/Daddy/girl friend/boy friend…goodbye!
  • Always expect to be told ‘what’ to do, ‘how’ to do, ‘when’ to do, ‘where’ to do…and you HAVE to do it
  • If you are doing more than you are supposed to, well; you are supposed to do so, no thank you!
  • You don’t learn or complete a task if you think you’ve done it; you learn or complete tasks only if the supervisor says or thinks so.

A few of the above may differ or vary in certain camps. There are camps that are typically designed as per the military set-up. There are others who bring in the fun, team work and activity factor in a bigger ratio. You would also come across camps that are very high on discipline and value education.

The main idea is to instill certain good things in an individual in different ways. You could choose which option would suit you best.

Basic boot camp training is an ideal ground to begin if you plan to be a part of the army, navy or the air force. That apart; these camps are designed to help individuals:

  • Understand body statistics
  • Physical fitness
  • Maintain ideal weight
  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Help give up certain bad habits and addictions
  • Help organize oneself so he can think, act and respond responsibly

The most important strategy to survive a boot camp is perhaps to have the right attitude. Everything comes by relatively easy if we mentally accept and are ready for ‘anything’. It is always wise to never question ‘why’. If one tries to look for a logic in the form of discipline and order maintained then all we can tell him is; ‘poor boy’!

Remember you are in a boot camp to learn. Once you have the authority to delegate and order you can then take all your time to think over. Till then, pull up your socks and follow instructions to the core.

The Benefits of Attending a Fitness Program at Bikini Boot Camp

If you are searching for a boot camp which is specially developed and planned for women then you should look out for the bikini boot camp. The bikini boot camp offers a fantastic fitness program which is designed for women and by women. Every year many women attend the fitness course at bikini boot camp and all of those who put a cent percent effort can see a total change in the way their body looks and feels. But you must be thinking that there are several other boot camps which offer a good fitness regime then how bikini boot camp is better? The following points will prove how bikini boot camp is better than most other boot camps:

  • Bikini boot camp has hired some of the most trained professionals which have years of training and practice.
  • The boot camp is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and equipments. These equipment help in getting into shape as quickly as possible.
  • The fitness routine at bikini boot camp is specially designed after a number of tests which ensures total safety.
  • Another very important thing is that the location of the bikini boot camp will make you feel as if you are training in the Garden of Eden. The boot camp is surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural parks.

It doesn’t matter if you are starting for the first time or are a fitness freak because the bikini boot camp offers different fitness programs for all. Most exercise techniques at bikini boot camp are aimed at developing agility, flexibility, strength and balance. If you are thinking that fitness regime at bikini boot camp is specifically developed for a specific age group then you must try reading a bikini boot camp review which can be easily found online. The boot camp welcomes women of all age group as there are different fitness programs for different women.

The ultimate goal at bikini boot camp is to provide a fit body which every women dreams of. The fitness program is best suited to those who don’t feel like working out when they are home because of the atmosphere surrounding them because bikini boot camp is built in the heart of a natural park. Your trip to the bikini boot camp will be filled with fun and you would never feel like you are forced to do exercise because the atmosphere is such that your mind will stay refreshed all day long.

Ultimate Boot Camp

Ultimate boot camp is one of the best and most popular health and fitness centers. It has many locations and is said to be very rigid about its exercise regime, sessions, workout plans, activities and training programs.

The fitness goals are said to be designed in a very creative way so the inmates jump at the ideas. It also builds their sense of self-assurance and accomplishment. Everyone tries to push their assumed boundaries of physical and/or mental faculties and establish new heights.

Ultimate boot camp UK for all intents and purposes is about training hard, eating as per a healthy and proportionately well balanced diet, acquainting oneself with new fitness and nutrition habits and meeting a lot of physical and mental challenges.

These programs are devised keeping equal corners for adventure, fun, new challenges and most importantly the fitness quotient.  The camps also have certain exclusive features such as:

  • Consultation with fitness trainers
  • Instructors to explain and help understand the exercise schedules
  • Opportunity to meet new fitness enthusiasts
  • Explore the other side of good health in a fun way

Billy Blanks is the one who crafted the revolutionary TAE BO body fitness program. The world karate champion, actor, author, motivator, philanthropist and humanitarian…all in one Billy Banks is world’s most acclaimed fitness icon.

Billy blanks ultimate boot camp is perhaps what defines the reason and purpose of a boot camp. The DVDs and work books explain each of the following separately and take you vividly through each exercise:

  • Physical training in military style
  • Weight loss management
  • Confidence building sessions
  • Fitness skills
  • Team work and other challenges

The entire concept of TAE BO promoted by Billy Blanks is quite different from that of a general common exercise session or workout. TAE BO is about communicating with ones body. It’s learning about the mind and spirit index so one can understand the body mechanics.

The training program hence takes the body as an entity and an effort is made to understand its reflexes, voluntary and involuntary actions.

Ultimate boot camp review state the following camps to be the most popular picks:

  • Classic boot camp
  • Elite boot camp
  • Mountain boot camp
  • Weekend wonders
  • Men only boot camp
  • 2 day easy break
  • Day trippers
  • Camps abroad

Most reviews state that these boot camps are generally well designed; few feel it’s over priced. There are yet others who feel it’s no less than the US army.

Well whatever your opinion maybe, boot camps are simply two thumbs up!

Visit Hard Knocks to Have a Spectacular Time

Are you looking for a youth boot camp in Orlando? If yes then hard knocks youth summer boot camp is where your search ends. The camp is specially devised in a way to challenge the participants in both physical and psychological terms. The camp has hired some of the most experienced professionals who will take good care of your kids and enhance their mental and physical growth. The professionals are capable of channelizing the strength of the individuals in the right direction which is one of the biggest benefits of sending your kid to Hard Knocks youth summer boot camp.

Hard Knocks is actually the first entertainment based indoor combat simulation arena in United States. It is specially built for the motive of corporate team building and law enforcement training. It is amongst the most hi-tech gaming lounge in the world which is built on a sprawling area of over 30000 square feet. The gaming lounge offers a numbers of missions which include defusing bombs, rescuing hostages, eradicating enemies and protecting VIPs. Hard Knocks will provide you with a unique experience which will refresh your mind and replenish your soul. When you are in the combat arena you will feel so real which will enable you to live your dreams of living like a hero.

Hard Knocks is amongst the most advanced gaming hot spots in the world. This is the reason why thousands of people every year come to Hard Knocks in order to play, relax and enjoy. Many corporate companies have also declared Hard Knocks as one of the best teambuilding exercises. The games at Hard Knocks are based on air soft, paintball and laser tag but the only difference is the state-of-the-art technology which makes the game look so real. This game will enable you to have some of the most sophisticated combats in a pain free and realistic atmosphere.

People who have once visited Hard Knocks have been seen coming back quite often and the only reason behind it is that there is no other similar gaming arena in the state. If you were searching for the perfect place to relax your mind then you should visit Hard Knocks. You will have to visit the place in order to feel the difference between Hard Knocks and other gaming arenas in the country. For more details you can easily visit the Hard Knocks website.