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Making a Heartthrob out of a Snob !

Every heart simmers with the desire to be physically attractive, but we are either clueless how to go about it or don’t have the motivation. This is where a Personal Fitness Trainer enters the scene.

Personal Fitness Trainer Courses – getting acquainted with whats out there

Alright, the job is fun but comes with immense responsibilities, one tiny mistake and all those dreaming of a greek-god like body will scamper away to find a  different trainer down the road.

There are a lot of folks training the trainers, the platter is widespread, Pilates Trainer, Nutritionists, ‘Exercise-to-music’ instructors, Personal Fitness Trainers, you have to choose what you need.

The courses are each categorized as Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Distance Learning Courses, each again sub-divided into modules to suite the needs.

These courses are somewhat different from simple Physical Trainers in that it teaches you to adapt to the needs of your snobbish clientele, there is a psychological aspect to the job which needs to be learnt. Courses last from 2 weeks to several months.

Personal Fitness Trainer Certification – get those certificates to flaunt.

You may have a chiseled body and the endurance of squeezing yourself in spandex for hours, but your clients are looking for tangible proof, certificates.

Like every single person inhabiting this earth, your clients will also believe in figures and numbers, because figures do not lie, which is exactly why you should consider getting a certificate from a recognized body, and make sure that the numbers are good enough to make them stare with admiration.

Every country has some good names associated with personal fitness training, all you need to do is  do your homework properly before joining any institute. Make sure that the modules you select to pursue are according to your needs and get the lowdown on pricing schemes and any possible  Personal Fitness Trainer Insurance assistance that the institute may have to offer.

Having what it takes – Personal Fitness Trainer Qualifications.

Clients look for accountability, credibility and trust.  Possibly, your clientele will be so paranoid that they will need to see a certificate for these abstract qualities as well. Well, how do you get them?

In the United States, being certified in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Automated External Defibrillator helps. In Australia, getting  registered with ‘Fitness Australia’ is the way to go.

In the United Kingdom, the Register of Exercise Professionals is the regulatory body ensuring knowledge and quality in fitness professionals.

The balls in your court now.

Well, seems like there are a lot of things that needs to be taken care of, but never get bogged down, you are reading this probably because you love to see people being healthy while making some serious money while you do so. Therefore, tighten your bootstraps you have a call of duty.

“Here cometh the Saviour to save the big-fat world from fattening itself to hell.”, said the fat man chewing on his cheese-burger one last time before the Personal Fitness Trainers gets him.

Personal Trainer Course — Licence to Peel !

Licence to Peel, á la James Bond’s licence to kill, peel off those layers of fat and let the beauty in you evolve. Do you have the licence to peel?

Okay, maybe that sounded a bit garish, but then James Bond would have been thrilled to enroll for a Personal Trainer Course, you ask why? Lets find out.

Obesity is a crime, you won’t go to jail for that but you get punished nonetheless, the simple pleasures of life start evading you, and you get into the never-ending cycle of self-pathos, depreciating self-esteem and eventually you gorge on more food because surprisingly, food enhances your mood !

Now, don’t you think you will need the tenacity of James Bond to bring all obese people to book?
But, how exactly do you train yourself to handle the job?

Personal Trainer Course Online — Where there is a will, there is an online course !

Constraints of time and proper ‘local’ facilities have driven people to look for alternatives all over, and Personal Trainer Courses are no exception, there is no dearth of quality educational avenues online.

Depending on your geographical location you can find the best deal that your locality has to offer, however, if things do not suite your tastes, you can decide to go after the creme de la creme of the cyber world with a few mouse clicks.

While foraging for the best Personal Trainer Course Online, you have to ensure that the online courses are duly accredited by the laws of the land, and are recognized by authorities in your locality.

The most important part in any Personal Trainer Course is the emphasis on the ‘personal’ part of it, the ‘personal’ touch that you need to put into your job is something very important, look for courses that train you into that.

Since the courses will be imparted online it is worth knowing that the payments are also usually made online with Visa or MasterCard.

Personal Trainer Course in London — Taking it to the land of Bond.

One of the best places to look for Personal Trainer Courses Online is London, no matter whether you live in London or not. London has some of the best names in the business.

There are institutes that claim to have as many accreditation as the London eye has spokes, REPS, ICREPS, CYQ to name a few, you may want to go for an institute that has the right mix of accreditation and good track record.

Once you choose the institute to your liking, try to get the lowdown on pricing and assessment procedures. Course duration vary from 4 to 6 months to 1 year in some cases. You can expect to be assessed on the basis of Multiple Choice theory exams, practicum and portfolio submission.

There you have the long and short of it, the world of Personal Trainer Courses online is now at your finger-tips, start clicking.

Physical Fitness Trainer — In a nutshell

According to a survey carried out at the Department of Diabetes, Warrington Hospital, UK, 62% of the respondents admitted to the fact that lack of exercise was the main cause of obesity which led to diseases like diabetes among many.  The level of awareness among the masses has catapulted the Physical Fitness industry to new heights.

A Physical Fitness Trainer is a general term used to encompass a wide range of skilled professionals. A Physical Fitness Trainer may be a specialist in aerobics, martial arts, dance routine exercise, yoga or sports training. One can have one or more specialization at a time and keep building upon the skill-set, gradually adding feathers to his cap.

Physical Fitness Trainers are widely employed across clubs, gyms, resorts, spas, tourist centers, corporate offices to name a few. One may even decide to make a living being a Personal Fitness Trainer.

Physical Trainer Certification — adding ammunition to the arsenal.

Adding a certificate to the kitty is a definite advantage for aspiring Physical Trainers.

There are several options as to how one can get certified as a Physical Fitness Trainer. One may choose to go for a locally available institution or decide to have an online certification. However, the need to exercise caution is utmost, quacks posing as institutes are common.

Certifying bodies like REPs, CYQ and NAFC safeguard the rights and legitimacy of the certification that are provided across several institutes around the world. In India, Sports Authority of India is one of those monitoring the certification process.

Expenses incurred may range from $70 for online courses, while on-site courses may cost around $200 to $800. Extra expenses like marketing oneself and setting up a gym are worth considering.

Examinations for Physical Fitness Trainer consists of theoretical questions and workshops. Courses usually last for 2 to 3 months, while some premium course duration may even extend from 6 months to a year.

Physical Fitness Trainer Salary — raking in the dough

As a beginner, a Physical Fitness Trainer cannot expect to earn a thick paycheck, however gradually with the increase of clientele, the paycheck is bound to increase as well.

In the US, the earnings start from $ 24,399 annually, while the big names make $ 49,501 annually.
In India,  a Physical Fitness Trainer can expect to earn somewhere around INR 78,000 to INR 2,71,000 annually.

Income depends on the ability of the individual to market oneself.

Physical Fitness Trainer Requirement — prerequisites

A healthy physique is a definite must, one must be able to practice what they preach. CPR and AED certificates make the path easier. Some institutes may require a basic school leaving certificate, while some only require the experience of using a gym.

As a Physical Fitness Trainer, one must have truck loads of patience, training teenagers to aged sexagenarians may drain one patience. Being motivational and having a positive attitude definitely helps.

There you have the basics to get started, all in a nutshell. Cracking the nutshell is not always the hardest part, finding what you expect within is.

Tips To Select Home Personal Trainer In Texas

Like many other people, you also want to get a well-shaped figure and an attractive personality. Though you want to get a proper physical workout session to receive the desired figure, you are not comfortable to practice workout sessions in public gyms. That is why, you are searching for an experienced and a professional home personal trainer. Though you have been looking for a personal fitness trainer for a considerable period of time, you could not get one. Therefore you are searching for the effective tips to find a personal trainer.

  • Target: Set a target and place the target that you want to achieve in front of the trainer. Listen what your trainer says about the target. Consult with a few trainers about the same target and understand who can provide you with the best assistance. If you can find out which trainer can help you in achieving your target at ease, you can easily get the desired result. However, setting a target and selecting a trainer is not all. To accomplish the target, you will have to follow the instructions of the trainer and lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Plan: Once you have found a trainer who can help you in achieving the target at ease, you need to form a proper plan for the training. Once you have formed an appropriate plan for the training, it becomes easier for you to understand how much time you need to devote for achieving your goal.
  • Understanding: Proper understanding with the trainer is very important if you want to achieve the set goal. If you do not have a proper co-ordination with the trainer it will not be possible for you to get the best results from the workout sessions.
  • Trainers Education: When you are looking for a home personal trainer Texas you should not forget to check the personal trainer certification home study. You should check whether the trainer has the relevant education in this field. If he has proper education in this field then only it would be possible for him to provide you the best training, else the training might affect you adversely.
  • Experience: It is best to check the previous track record of the trainer whom you have decided to select. If the track record of the trainer is positive then only you should take his assistance or you should opt for someone else who has a better record in this field.

To select a home trainer who will help in practicing physical workouts, you can take the assistance of your friends and relatives. You can depend on their recommendations to find a physical trainer who is suitable for you. It is always suggested not to select a trainer only depending on the money he charges. However, you should always try to make the best use of your money.

All About Personal Training Certification

A Personal Trainer without a proper Personal Training Certification is as good as a blunt knife. If you are aspiring to be counted among the best in the business, then seriously consider getting yourself certified. Without one you will never be counted as a decent Personal Trainer, much less best among the whole enchilada.

Personal Training Certification in the UK

In a survey report published by the University College London Medical School in December  2009, 32% of the children in the age group of 2 – 15 were overweight. Not surprisingly, people have become aware and the need for physical activities to maintain weight at a healthy level is much felt.

Catering to this need, several institutes have come up with Personal Training Certification courses to  equip personal trainers to the hilt.

In fact, UK is one of the best places to earn a Personal Training Certification.

Some of the in-demand courses being taught across the UK as of now are:

  • Certificate in Gym Instruction
  • Certificate in Advanced Personal Training
  • Diploma in Personal Training
  • Premier Master Personal Trainer Course in :
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Sports Performance
  • Group Exercise
  • Obesity and Diabetes Management

These certification courses are offered in a modular format and include business management modules as well.

Course fees for Certificate in Gym Instruction is £820, and that for Certificate in Advanced Personal Training is £3045

Personal Training Certification Online

Online Personal Training Certification courses offer no strings attached mode of earning the required certificate. Constraints of time and the obligation of attending a training center are eliminated in this mode and you can learn at your own pace.

Another definite advantage, if that can be considered a advantage at all, is that online courses are cheaper for the obvious reason of not having to pay for the class room fees. You may have to shell out $69.99 for an online certification.

However, the downside to it is that you get animated videos of exercise routines as your study material and you are at your own to figure out how to follow it properly. Assistance is offered, nonetheless, the finesse that an on-site premium course offers is way better than online courses.

Personal Training Certification Programs

Personal Training Certification Programs can be widely classified as on-site programs, online programs and distance education programs. We have already talked about the on-site and online modes.

Distance education program is a close cousin to the online program, the only difference being that unlike imparting the knowledge over the electronic media, the study materials will be posted to your mailing address and the charges will be a bit higher.

You will be poorer by $240 (INR 9150) if you choose a distance certification program.

Personal Training Certification Reviews

Although the media is not very gung-ho about the Personal Trainer industry, you will come across rave reviews about a certain certification, while slamming a different one. You should consider everything your read or see with a pinch of salt.

Being positive and self-motivated will definitely help you in achieving  your Personal Training Certification, no matter what the reviews say.