Boot Camp Reviews

Boot camp reviews are a fair mixture of good bad and ugly. The reviews are either in the form of ratings on certain parameters on a scale of one to five or one to ten, or come as good and bad comments. The reviews could also come as ratings between good-fair-average or as excellent-good-fair.

Now one needs to understand that reviews could come from all ends. These ends would have people who have themselves attended these camps or people who have collected information from others who attended the camps. There would also be a good number of people who have only heard from ten different people, assumed few things themselves and presented a fair image that sounds good; but may differ slightly from the reality.

What you choose to do after reading a review is a personal choice. But an honest tip here would be:

  • If you are dead straight about being fit and in shape…just bang and march forward. Do take your time to choose the right camp and instructor though, don’t bother about the rest.
  • If reading reviews is a simple pastime or more like collecting information…go all out! Try finding out from the most reliable sources. Try looking out for as much details as possible before you finally come to a conclusion and have an opinion.

Now, a boot camp review is good if:

  • The participants are happy and satisfied after the training program and look forward to participate again
  • The participants are provided with enough information regarding the body, exercises, diet, healthy life style and nutritional facts along with the activities, tasks and workout sessions
  • The camp provides enough medical assistance, maintains all the safety measures and has all the required license and certifications that are required
  • It enables an overall transformation of an individual on physical as well as mental compartments equally
  • The individual is able to understand the body as a system and maintain a lifestyle that is healthy
  • Works on an individual rather than the fat!

Boot camp reviews are negative if the above are not achieved. In addition a few may feel negative in terms of the rates that are charged for a specific program. Also the amount of time required may not be reasonable for some.

A total boot camp review normally has the list of positive bullets far more in number than the negative ones. For the participants it’s such an experience that they are themselves surprised at their own transition.

The new you boot camp reviews are quite obviously filled with a lot of adjectives. The moment we realize that we have completed or achieved or lived through the difficult phase successfully…we can’t help appreciating ourselves!

Billy Blanks boot camp review has all the points listed above. For few participants it is intense and so their advice: speak to your doctor before you enroll.

Also a lot of them feel that the Billy Bands are not a compulsion. A number of things can be used as alternatives.

So here we are…whatever a boot camp may be, we are in it once we have decided and are going to give in with all our heart and soul to realize the best out of the session!

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