All About Personal Training Certification

A Personal Trainer without a proper Personal Training Certification is as good as a blunt knife. If you are aspiring to be counted among the best in the business, then seriously consider getting yourself certified. Without one you will never be counted as a decent Personal Trainer, much less best among the whole enchilada.

Personal Training Certification in the UK

In a survey report published by the University College London Medical School in December  2009, 32% of the children in the age group of 2 – 15 were overweight. Not surprisingly, people have become aware and the need for physical activities to maintain weight at a healthy level is much felt.

Catering to this need, several institutes have come up with Personal Training Certification courses to  equip personal trainers to the hilt.

In fact, UK is one of the best places to earn a Personal Training Certification.

Some of the in-demand courses being taught across the UK as of now are:

  • Certificate in Gym Instruction
  • Certificate in Advanced Personal Training
  • Diploma in Personal Training
  • Premier Master Personal Trainer Course in :
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Sports Performance
  • Group Exercise
  • Obesity and Diabetes Management

These certification courses are offered in a modular format and include business management modules as well.

Course fees for Certificate in Gym Instruction is £820, and that for Certificate in Advanced Personal Training is £3045

Personal Training Certification Online

Online Personal Training Certification courses offer no strings attached mode of earning the required certificate. Constraints of time and the obligation of attending a training center are eliminated in this mode and you can learn at your own pace.

Another definite advantage, if that can be considered a advantage at all, is that online courses are cheaper for the obvious reason of not having to pay for the class room fees. You may have to shell out $69.99 for an online certification.

However, the downside to it is that you get animated videos of exercise routines as your study material and you are at your own to figure out how to follow it properly. Assistance is offered, nonetheless, the finesse that an on-site premium course offers is way better than online courses.

Personal Training Certification Programs

Personal Training Certification Programs can be widely classified as on-site programs, online programs and distance education programs. We have already talked about the on-site and online modes.

Distance education program is a close cousin to the online program, the only difference being that unlike imparting the knowledge over the electronic media, the study materials will be posted to your mailing address and the charges will be a bit higher.

You will be poorer by $240 (INR 9150) if you choose a distance certification program.

Personal Training Certification Reviews

Although the media is not very gung-ho about the Personal Trainer industry, you will come across rave reviews about a certain certification, while slamming a different one. You should consider everything your read or see with a pinch of salt.

Being positive and self-motivated will definitely help you in achieving  your Personal Training Certification, no matter what the reviews say.

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