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What are Boot Camps and what they have in store for you

Have you recently heard about the term “boot camp”? If yes, then there can be two situations. First, you know about boot camps or you are still wondering what is meant by boot camp. Boot camps refer to those camps which are organized for reducing the weight of people. When boot camps were first introduced in America, they were meant for the purpose of reforming soldiers, prisoners and overweight teenagers. It is true that boot camps which are organized in America generally cost very high. In America, boot camps focus on a particular issue at a time. These issues include detoxification, hiking or weight reduction. Taken together, all these things cost much high in America.

The popularity of boot camps is increasing at a rapid rate. Now days, people have become more conscious about their health and overall appearance. Overweight people are ready to do all the efforts which are required to lose extra weight. Boot camps serve as a great way to get rid of excess weight from the body. It is obvious that with the growing number of health conscious people, boot camp industry is going up the ladder. A large number of new entrants have started to enter in this industry. Boot camps are a great help for those people who find it difficult to tackle weight loss issues themselves. If someone is overweight and he thinks he needs some kind of outside help then he can consider joining a boot camp.

There are a large number of overweight people in U.K. Studies suggest that U.K has the maximum number of obese people in whole Europe. There are a large number of reasons behind obesity. People may become obese because of overeating, emotional disturbance, hormonal imbalance etc. You should also understand that it is not necessary that all those people who join a boot camp are overweight. Many a times, people who have great bodies join boot camps just for toning up their bodies for marathons. People who do not wish to try a large number of traditional ways to lose weight find it convenient to join a boot camp for weight reduction.

Numerous people who are looking for a change in their life rely on boot camps. For instance, if someone is overweight and he/she wants to start a new relationship then he/she might join a boot camp for losing weight in a short period of time. All the boot camps aim at changing the lives of people in a positive manner. You will find it ironical that boot camps aim at reducing the weight of people but they always wish that their customers come again to them. This is what we call the irony of boot camps.

There are many reasons behind the emergence of so many boot camps over the last few years. One of the biggest reasons behind numerous boot camps is that people do not need to go through a complicated process to start one. It is comparatively easier to start a boot camp business. Along with this, an individual does not need to have some specialized training or experience for starting a boot camp. If you research then you will find that people from different kinds of background are successfully running their boot camps. People are getting attracted towards the boot camp business due to many reasons. For some people boot camps are just a great way to earn good money. On the other hand, we also have such people who do this business for satisfaction.

It is not an easy thing to change a person’s life by reducing his/her weight. People who fail to lose their weight suffer from problems like lack of confidence, problems in making new friends, living a healthy life etc. There are numerous people who spend a large part of their income on reducing their weight. Weight loss products and gyms make a lot of money all round the year. People who run boot camps for work satisfaction find it good to change the lives of several people. Boot camps serve as a ray of hope for overweight people.

While choosing a good boot camp it is important to do some research. Like all other business there are many people in boot camp industry which are here only for making money and nothing else. You should not trust a new boot camp easily. Almost all the boot camps say that they are the best. Sometimes, testimonials found on the websites of boot camps may also be fake. Most of the boot camps are only organized for women. If you know someone who has been to the boot camp you are interested to join then you should take his feedback face to face. All this helps in finding a reliable boot camp.

4 Best Boot Camp Exercise Ideas For Home Workouts

Boot camps are the latest buzz among health conscious people. These camps offer various exercises to get your body into the right shape. A typical boot camp fitness exercise includes squats, push-ups, jogging and lifting weights. Here we will provide you a brief description about four most popular boot camp exercises that can also be practised at home.


This is an indispensable part of boot camp workouts and is thought to be the most effective strength enhancing exercise that is extremely essential for climbing ropes & pulling the body in any difficult situation. At home, in order to pull yourself , get yourself an Iron Gym pull up bar. Doing pull ups 2-3 times per week will strengthen your upper back muscles, rear deltoids, biceps and abs.

Push- up

Performing push ups helps you in building your shoulders, chest, triceps and most importantly your stomach muscles. You should keep your entire body in a perfect straight line while doing push ups & your palms should be a little wider than your shoulder width. There are several grips that you can use while performing push ups. If you have just started, you can take help of a chair or bench.

Y Squat

This exercise is meant for strengthening your lower body. You need to stand with your feet & shoulder wide apart with your arms up in the air widely opened making a Y. After that just sit back to a relaxing squatting position. Make sure you don’t lean ahead.


Plank is a strenuous exercise that works for the abdominals. Besides that, this exercise strengthens your lower body from hips to lower back. The key to do this exercise properly is to keep a flat back & don’t let the hips sag down. Hold it at least for thirty seconds if you can but if you are a starter you can hold it for 10 seconds only.

These four exercises, when grouped together and performed well at home, can give you amazing results.

Understand The Meaning Of Boot Camp Fitness

In today’s health-conscious world, fitness boot camps have earned a lot of popularity. Boot camp fitness is the latest craze among the masses and they are keenly exercising in gyms or at their homes to stay fit & healthy. This remarkable interest among fitness freaks has transformed fitness boot camps into a healthcare unit for the health-conscious.

Basically, these camps provide a power-packed extensive workout within the time span of an hour. These well- equipped fitness centres can be found easily across the United States.


A simple boot camp is helmed by a trainer who trains his clients through intense workouts of an hour each. The structure of the workout is in a circuit form. Clients are made to perform cardiovascular exercises & strength enhancing exercises in an alternative manner.


Fitness boot camp classes are generally held outdoors & encapsulate various outdoor elements such as ledges, hills and stairs. Typical boot camp fitness exercises include squats, push-ups, jogging and lifting weights.


According to ACE( American Council on Exercise), a boot camp is an outstanding way to increase body metabolism that helps a lot in controlling body weight. A survey carried out by ACE found that an average person can burn 600 cal/hour in a boot camp.


One of the common things that a boot camp teaches to its pupils is to support & encourage their fellow team-mates. Most of the camps are run by retired navy or army personnel who prefer teaching their clients in groups that encourages mutual support & friendly competition.


These camps do not rely on similar tactics as followed by their military counterparts. Instructors do not use harsh language in class. People are encouraged to show up, shut up & pay attention to give their hundred percent.

Boot camp exercises may vary depending upon the instructor and you need to do some cardiovascular exercise such as obstacle running, hiking & interval training using a few strength enhancing elements using exercise bands & dumb bells. As the class progresses, exercises become extremely difficult, in turn, enhancing your strength & fitness level. It has been observed that most of the people who opted for these classes were satisfied with the end product, a fitter self!